Life’s been chaotic.

Long time, no blog!

I genuinely missed sitting down at my homework desk, opening up my Macbook, and fervidly typing up a new blog post.

I know everybody – from YouTube creators to Instagram personalities to avid bloggers – will have the same excuse for periods of time when they don’t post anything, but I’m going to use the same excuse anyway:

I’ve been busy.

Life has thrown me off into a curve I did not see coming. I recently got a new job, AP assignments are just piling up on my desk,  and – the most daunting one of all – college application season is upon me, as well as many seniors around the world.

Balancing a social life, school, work, extracurricular activities, college applications, and personal time is never easy. Yes, I’ve acquired several time management skills, but some of those skills involve sacrifice – sacrifice from doing the things I love the most (i.e. blogging).

This is not to say that I’ll stop blogging because I don’t think I’ll ever give up on my blog. I’m passionate about what I do and what I write about. However, for the next 2-3 months, I probably won’t blog as often as I did during the summer. I hope you all understand why!

To elaborate on just a few of the many great things happening in my life thus far, I recently landed a job at Carter’s and it’s been amazing! The people there are so kind and helpful… and the best part? BABIES!

Additionally, I just hit 8 months with my boyfriend Charles! We started dating after Christmas last year and made it official on January 27, 2017. We’re typically very busy people since we both work and go to school, but for our “month-iversaries,” we always make time to celebrate with one another. For our 8 months, we had a cheap, yet sweet date at McDonald’s.

As for a more recent update, I just re-took the SAT yesterday! It was definitely much easier this time rather than my first time taking it. The English portions were a piece of cake, the math sections were all right, but the essay felt much more challenging this time around than before.

Nonetheless, I can’t wait to receive my scores – hopefully I increased them significantly!

I’m also seriously debating on starting a YouTube channel for my Key Club work and personal vlogs. Charles and I have seriously considered creating a channel for the both of us, but we aren’t certain about whether we have enough money for the lighting, tripod, HD camera, etc. We aren’t sure if we want to go through with it, but I’ll definitely keep you updated (if we do choose to create one)!

From now on, my goal is to post 1 blog post every Sunday. This, however, is subject to change due to my chaotic schedule, so I apologize if I end up changing the day every couple weeks!

As always, I will write again soon.

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