5-Day Back-to-School Challenge

Waking up early. Showing up late to first period. Not having sufficient time to eat breakfast. Dreading that one class with people you absolutely despise.

These are all factors that can come into play when students – like me – stress about their day at school. Whether you’ve already started school or will be heading out to your first day of school this upcoming week, it can be simple to get into that back-to-school rut. (If you’re anything like me, you hate monotony and embrace the loving arms of risks.)

This is why I’ve compiled a list of 5 challenges to complete during the first (or next) 5 days you’re at school! Feel free to continue these throughout the school year, or whenever you want to add more “spice” into your daily routine.

  1. Monday: Talk to someone you don’t know.
    As humans, we love the safety net and security that our “comfort zone” provides, so why not step outside of it for Day 1?
    The next time you’re in class, try saying “Hi!” to someone you’ve never met before or someone you vaguely know. If you know every single person in each class like the back of your hand, then try meeting someone new during lunch or break! Make one new friend, even if it’s awkward when you initially meet. This forces you to improve your communication skills, an important characteristic to develop at any age!
  2. Tuesday: Write a letter of appreciation to one of your teachers.
    Although you may not know any of your teachers very well at this point, it’s still important to put yourself out there so they can get to know you better beyond their roster. For Day 2, write a letter to one of your teachers and physically deliver it to him/her before or after class.
    You can either make it short and simple, or long and thoughtful – it’s entirely up to you! If the letter is for a teacher you’ve never met before, I suggest making it less ornate in case they perceive you as someone who employs flattery to achieve a better grade. However, if the letter is addressed to a teacher you’ve been great friends with for over a year, consider putting more thought and effort into it. They’ll genuinely appreciate your kind words!
  3. Wednesday: Sit at the front of the class.
    Time to test your true courage: for Day 3, walk right past the seats closest to the door and head on over to the very front desk in the class! This will force you to pay attention during the lesson and may earn you some brownie points from your teacher. Remember to stay awake and take plenty of notes!
  4. Thursday: During lunch or break, head to your school’s library and read a book that captivates you.
    Nowadays, it can be so easy to be completely engrossed with your phone that you forget that books can provide the exact same fascination and entertainment. In fact, the right book can make you forget about checking your phone! For Day 4, it’s time to remind yourself of the simpler pleasures of life by reading a book at your school’s library.
    Keep the word “captivate” in mind when searching for a book to read. You want to read a book that actually interests you, NOT a book that merely appears to be popular amongst bookworms and critics (unless you love those types of books!). Books are like friends – choose the ones you genuinely enjoy spending time with, and “discard” the rest!
  5. Friday: Take time into your appearance.
    Wear your favorite outfit, apply some makeup, comb your hair neatly (or put it up in a fancy bun), and put on your most beloved pair of shoes. For Day 5, we’re vamping up your physical image from top to bottom!
    For Friday, you may need to wake up early so you can spend more time getting ready. Despite the time constraints, it will all be worth it at the end of the week. Remember that when you look good, you feel good!
    Don’t forget to show up to school on time though – this day is NOT an excuse to be tardy!

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