I Moved… from Tumblr to WordPress! (& Life Updates)

I’m back!

After a few weeks of consideration, I’ve decided to move my blog from my normal site, Tumblr, to the wondrous world of WordPress.

I thought this would be a great idea as I want to expand my blog and its viewings, and this wouldn’t be accomplished without switching to a different site. If my blog grows over the next few months (or years), I would love to have my own domain. But for now, I want to spare my bank account, especially with senior year rolling in.

Speaking of senior year, I will officially be a senior in one month and 15 days! (It still feels surreal to type that out.) I’m looking forward to the tumultuous, yet bittersweet adventure that senior year will bring.

Despite this excitement, I’m still extremely nervous about the daunting college admissions process. I’ve already begun typing out my essay for The Common App, but I still haven’t decided exactly which schools I’ll be applying to this year. So far on my list, I have the University of Southern California (USC), Northwestern University, New York University, and UC Berkeley. The reason why I selected these schools is because they offer either a really good Journalism or Communications program, and I want to attend an institution that will help me get to where I ultimately want to be: a broadcast journalist.

Besides that, I also want to start working. I have yet to find a job, and it’s been a challenge trying to land an interview somewhere. I’ve applied to five restaurants so far, and unfortunately none of them have reached out to me yet.

I want to have a job so I can a) be able to afford all the items I want during senior year, and b) help my parents pay for my college tuition. Plus, having a job of any kind will help build my résumé, which is always helpful for when I have to apply for future internships or careers.

I’m super excited to get back into the groove and start blogging again! I absolutely cannot wait for what the future holds for me, and I hope my blog can blossom over the next couple months.

As always, I will write again soon! ♡

Love, Roselyn

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